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Train the Brain - updating the human operating system

Train the Brain

Everyone’s talking about neuroplasticity, the ability to train and change your brain all the way down to the level of creating neural pathways and growing the prefrontal cortex. There are tools to upgrade your brain’s native “OS and hardware,” what you’re bringing to every moment in life. This is great news – and VUmind shows you how.


Build the Practice

Practice happens in the silence of your own home or out and about in the midst of daily activities. Committing to the practice means taking the reins of your mind to shape your life consciously and intentionally. VUmind will guide you and help you discover what it means to move through life in a fuller way.

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Bring the practice home.

Intro to Amplified Mind Performance meditation for active people

VUmind Video Training Series

You will be systematically trained in exercises that change your fundamental understanding of your mind, body, and nervous system. You will develop a toolbox that will give you the ability
to control your mind and body for enhanced performance – when competing, at work, at home or at play.

In these video seminars, you will be introduced to a new exercise each week and given instructions to master proper technique. You will also learn why and how these exercises profoundly alter your nervous system and mental processes in order to enhance performance.

  • Level 1 : Body Dynamics – Recalibrate your body and nervous system
  • Level 2 : Mind Dynamics – Enhance your attention and focus
  • Level 3 : Space Dynamics – Sustain mindfulness in the real-world

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Designed for active living.


Train for Living

Train for Living

Practice is important but taking it to the streets is where the impact gets real. Applying the tools of meditation means new choices come alive at home, work or play. No more living on autopilot and sighing wistfully as life passes you by. Embrace all of life and the splendor of being awake by learning how to VUmind.

Lead with Integrity

Lead with Integrity

Plato and Sun Tzu advised, “Know yourself…” What happens to relationships when you move from a place of authenticity and wholeness? Give yourself the capacity to connect with others deeply and directly by uncovering who you really are with VUmind meditation training.



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focus under pressure

Focus under pressure

Modern life is ruthless with the stressors. More days than not, we feel the pressure of everyday life relentlessly bearing down on us. But you don’t have to be a slave to the vicissitudes of life. With the conscious awareness of VUmind, staying centered is not about luck, it’s about training.

“This training can be integrated into virtually every aspect of the work environment to optimize focus, productivity, and awareness, and to minimize anxiety and negative thoughts…Techniques can be used in so many other ways including effective strategic planning, conflict resolution, incident management, team building, performance, enhancement, etc.”

– Randy Stewart, Chief (Training) Denver Int’l Airport Fire Department



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Testimony from Athletes and Elite Performers

Perform your best

No matter the circumstance, bring your level best to the game of life. Showing up fully in the world doesn’t mean “winning.” It means being present to our personal situation no matter how the cards fall. You have to play the hand your dealt and VUmind gets you the best seat at the table.

“VUmind gave me the tools that served as a monumental change for my mental awareness and ability to focus while competing as a Slopestyle skier. The results came immediately being ranked 14th Slopestyle Skier in the world soon after I completed their training program. Truly a life changing experience.”

– Kolby Ward, Professional skier



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Ben Day pro cyclist on value of mindfulness

Pro cyclist Ben Day on the importance of mental conditioning.

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We began by flying F-15’s and building houses.


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Mark Williams, CEO

A former US Air Force F-15 pilot and long time practitioner of mindfulness, Mark has spent over two decades focusing on brain and body dynamics. His knowledge of stress management, concentration techniques and situational awareness in the high performance environment brings a hands-on operational perspective to the team.

Bill Filter, COO

A physical conditioning expert and former powerlifting coach, Bill also has over 20 years experience in the mindfulness arena. Bill’s extensive coaching background and his many years as a business owner bring real-world perspectives on optimal human performance to the arena of athletic and business endeavors.